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We are a part of it!

"Helping is powerful" is the motto of the "Johanitter", a German voluntary humanitarian organization. The organization has been successfully teaching first aid to children in nurseries, kindergartens, schools, and youth groups. They use the hand puppets Jona and Joni to help them teach. To deepen the knowledge acquired during the classes, the Johanitter and K&L Verlag have developed an easy-to-understand work and coloring book, which is an essential element of the teaching package for children ages eight to eleven. We think this is a great cause.

That is why we support this project

The book features many coloring pictures and teaches girls and boys the first aid skills they need to be able to help in emergencies and helps them to recognize everyday sources of danger in their homes, during their leisure activities, or in traffic. Using examples suitable for children, the work book educates the kids on first aid and prevention. At the same time, the pictures enable teachers, educators, and parents to discuss and practice with the children.

Local schools, kindergartens, and nurseries in the German region "Altenburger Landkreis" can order the books free of charge, thanks to the support of many local businesses. We proudly support this cause too. Want to know more about the project? Visit www.kl-verlag.de for more information.