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Our Company

Our philosophy

Our core values are quality and precision. The special machines and systems engineering industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. We keep up with that pace by continuously exploring new potentials with our team of highly motivated specialists. What's new today will be part of everyday life by tomorrow, so for us, the future is always happening right now. Our ability to make quick decisions and communicate concisely, together with our flexibility, quality, and competence form the foundation for lasting economic success and a bright future for SOJKA SOLUTIONS.

Generating customer benefits and the exact and timely implementation of the tasks assigned to us are our top priorities. Our employee's well-being and the resulting commitment are key factors in our successful cooperation with our clients as well as our having high customer satisfaction. We strive to make a significant contribution by increasing our customers' production efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. We consider the challenges of the "Industry 4.0" as a defining element of our efforts to continuously and comprehensively train our technicians in the fields of mechanics, pneumatics, and electrical engineering. Our solution competence includes mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical assembly as well as the commissioning of automation machines and systems for a broad range of industries.

Working together for a visionary "Industrial Service 4.0".

Our partners

Our vision

We strive to continuously expand our range of services and continue to provide a visionary Industrial Service 4.0. In the future, we will continue to adapt our services and our employee's know-how to the upcoming challenges by constantly applying targeted trainings and measures.

For us, thinking ahead means identifying and applying the best measures and opportunities for our customers and employees, right here, right now. Our commitment to providing Industrial Service 4.0 reflects our daily efforts to think and act even more agile and visionary than yesterday in order to create real added value for the general public.

This is what we stand for.

Our locations

Our company headquarters and main location is in Ponitz, conveniently situated on the border to Saxony near the A4 motorway. With our innovative concepts and solutions, we are ambassadors for the Free State of Thuringia and its industrial performance. For the development of future-oriented industrial services, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, we receive funding from the European Social Fund and the State of Thuringia. This measure promotes personnel expertise in our company.

Funding from state resources and from the European Social Fund (ESF)
Operational Programme (OP): 2014-2020
Object of funding: Innovative personnel
Project number: 2020 INP 0072



With Falkenstein/Vogtland you will find Sojka Solutions at another location. Here we concentrate our competences in the area of Electrical & Software Engineering. Our experienced engineers and technicians are available to you on site.

Sojka Solutions
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