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Business Unit


Clean air is a fundamental building block for an optimal value creation cycle. It is an essential and decisive factor for success, both for people and for the service life of your machines and systems. Intelligent solutions are required to extract processing residues and dust from the production process in a controlled manner.

The Sojka Solutions business unit "Extraction" is formed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of project management, assembly, and programming. Our core business area is the independent construction and commissioning of complex machinery and segmented systems in the modular filter and extraction technology. Customers benefit from our know-how, clear structures, and transparent work flows. Proven knowledge in the fields of dry and wet extraction as well as raw and clean air dust extraction.

A precisely executed maintenance plan is essential for optimized energy efficiency and maximum machine service life. Our employees are well prepared for all possible circumstances, from material reception to service and maintenance assembly.

Proven know-how in the fields of

  • Slide and valve control programming

  • Multi-chamber filter systems

  • Extraction systems

  • Disposal technology

  • Stationary filter systems


  • Mobile filter systems

  • Raw air dust extraction

  • Welding fume extraction systems with spark suppression

  • Industrial vacuum cleaning systems