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– Competence in Battery Solutions

Future mobility concepts must meet the requirements of sustainability and feature low-emission drive technologies. Innovative ideas as well as solutions are essential. We build on our experience in the automotive sector and in special machinery engineering in order to face the challenges of new energy storage concepts. We rely on proven knowledge, are continuously striving to evolve, and are aware of the demands and challenges of innovative technologies.

Our SOJKA SOLUTIONS business unit "BATTERY" is formed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of project management, assembly, and programming. Our core business area is the independent construction and commissioning of complex machinery and segmented systems in modular and flexible assembly and test engineering technology for storage media. Customers benefit from our know-how, clear structures, and transparent work flows.

Proven know-how in the fields of

Manufacturing of electrode modules

  • Mixing

  • Coating

  • Drying

  • Calendering

  • Slitting

  • Vacuum drying

Cell assembly

  • Separation

  • Stacking & Winding

  • Insertion & Packaging

  • Electrolyte filling

Formation & Aging

  • Charging & Discharging processes

  • Insertion into the formation racks

  • Degassing, Sealing & Folding

  • Aging in high-bay racks

Business Unit Battery


Alexander Fechner

Head of Projectmanagement

Lucas Bonitz


Electrical Assembly

Fabian Selent

Lead of Mechanical Assembly

René Fritzsch

Lead of Electrical Assembly

Pawel Lebiedziewicz

Projectmanagement SPS

Business Unit Battery

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